India records the world's biggest single-day rise up to 300,000 coronavirus cases. it is the second biggest ratio in the world. some people are leaving India because of a pandemic like a coronavirus.

Famous Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor, The industry's sixth-highest actor, left India with his girlfriend Alia Bhatt on…

Two ways that people are making money off Bitcoin okay the first one is the easy way that anyone could do with zero thought and that buys bitcoins okay so if you look at Bitcoin we’re gonna look at Bitcoin over a period of about a year and a half two years as you can see Bitcoin was twenty-five hundred dollars so about two years ago Bitcoin one single Bitcoin cost twenty-five hundred dollars if you bought when it cost twenty-five hundred dollars and you sold six months later the value of a Bitcoin was seven thousand dollars so what people were doing is buying Bitcoin at two thousand once it got up to seven thousand.

The first thing that I want you to do is to click on the sign-in button right on top, and that’s going to take you to the sign page. Now if you don’t have a youtube account, you have to create a free youtube account by just clicking on this button, create an account and from there, you can literally create a free Google account and check in on youtube once you’re logged in to your youtube account.

So first of all friend, you must have a Facebook page on your FB if not so then create your own Facebook page on FB. You can create your page of local or business type and give the proper name of your page. If you have a Facebook page of any kind that is of business and local type.

Which I will talk about later on in the presentation the second biggest driver of deforestation logging operations these operations are responsible for providing the world with their wood and paper products as well as making room for the growing population

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